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Original Chandeliers From Murano

Get The Real Traditional Chandeliers from Murano

Our goal is your total satisfaction and we love provide you an unforgettable buying experience.

We have 30 years of experience producing and providing Original Murano glass chandeliers and we are specialized in custom made projects.

This means that we are able to recreate any original Murano glass chandeliers starting from a picture or a sketch.

Classic Murano Chandeliers

Classic chandeliers are the ones who made great Murano glass in the world.

They are timeless models who combine their beauty with any style of interior design.

A classic original Murano glass chandelier enhances your space no matter if your preference is traditional or modern.

Buying a classic Murano glass chandelier is always the best choice for an amazing result.

Rezzonico Murano Chandeliers

Rezzonico original Murano glass chandeliers are the top of classic style.

They appeared in Venice for the first time in 1730 when the Glassmaster Giuseppe Briati decided to enhance the palace of the merchant family of Venice with a model never made before.

He designed the Rezzonico, a rich family of merchants, an extraordinary series of chandeliers.

They are still in their palace today, after 300 years, and you can admire their magnificence in the Rezzonico palace on the Gran Canal.

Floral Murano Chandeliers

In this category of original Murano glass chandeliers you will find chandeliers, full of colored flowers inspired by the impressionist painters.

Tulips, iris, roses, and any kind of flower add an artistic touch to these original Murano chandeliers.

Let these chandeliers enter your home and add the freshness of spring year around and surprise yourself day by day with the delicate composition of these unique floral chandeliers.

Modern Murano Chandeliers

Modern Original Murano glass chandeliers are perfect for people who love a modern look without sacrificing the amazing skill of the glass masters of Venice.

The modern Original Murano glass chandeliers are made exactly with the same structure of Classic Original Murano glass chandeliers, but with a touch of modernism.

We can recreate any kind of modern chandeliers you saw anywhere.

Just send as a picture or a sketch and we will recreate exactly the same chandelier you want for the best worldwide price!

Inspire yourself and let us make your dream come true!

Do You Have Something Unique In Mind?

That is no problem for us. We can reproduce anything you want starting from a picture, or even just a drawing! Get in touch with us, we would love to help you making your idea becaome reality.